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This week we are in Katowice, Poland, to attend the World Music Expo. Find out our artist roster.

Artist Roster 2018-2020
Download our brochure here.

KHUSUGTUN – Innovators of polyphonic throat singing from Mongolia

Watch “Chingis Khaany magtaal” by Khusugtun

MEÏKHÂNEH – Global fusion, from Mongolia to Iran through Europe

Watch “Uulyn Nulims” by Meïkhâneh

BATSÜKH DORJ – Young virtuoso of Mongolian-Tuvan throat singing tradition

Watch “Khei At” by Batsükh Dorj

To meet us at WOMEX: Please note that Routes Nomades don’t have a stand, but our delegates Johanni Curtet and Nomindari Shagdarsuren will be there during the whole week. Our contacts: +33 (0)6 21 35 53 01 / +33 (0)6 64 69 73 58. /