Pierrick Lefranc : guitar, compositions
Tserendavaa Dashdorj, Tsogtgerel Tserendavaa, Johanni Curtet: khöömii (overtone singing)
Sophie Bernado : bassoon, vocals
Jean Baptiste Henry : bandoneon
Joachim Florent : double bass
Xavier Dessandre Navarre : percussions

A long piece composed in sections, Urbi&Orbi is at the crossroads of art music, traditional music, orality and improvisation. The Mongolian musical tradition plays on timbre, sculpts the sounds, reveals the richness of each note… from this conception of music, this composition takes the listener to the heart of an unprecedented sound textures. Musicians from different cultures meet through the timbres of overtone singing and an original set of instruments with bassoon, bass, bandoneon, guitar and percussion. The playground is tinged with jazz, improvisation space and Mongolian tradition. The music bursts of sounds, textures and metallic, woody or guttural vibrations, evoking the nature and the aquatic world, a universal space shared by all.

Hic&Nunc company in collaboration with Routes Nomades
L’espal, scène conventionnée du Mans, with the support of La Fonderie and Pays de La Loire Region

Genesis of the project

The distance between France and Mongolia is solely measured by one’s desire for Pierrick Lefranc, a young composer from Le Mans, initiated this creation around khöömii (overtone singing). The project germinated in his head a few years ago, during an improvisation with an adept musician of this special vocal art. This “mix of power and introspection” springing from the depth of the human body fascinated him. He then began a search that leads him to Johanni Curtet, specialist of overtone singing, trained with several masters in Mongolia. Thanks to Johanni, Pierrick met with two great singers of the Mongolian Altai: Tserendavaa and his son Tsogtgerel. He gathered around them many musicians plunged in jazz and world music, with whom he has cooperated, especially for his trio Samarkand or his quartet Hic & Nunc. Developed in residence at L’Espal and La Fonderie in Le Mans, the concert is based on a written composition, with a great emphasis on improvisation, making the creation like “a playground to explore the possibilities and characteristics of each instrument”. The experience is very exciting, both for artists and public.


Pierrick Lefranc is a young composer and a jazz musician who likes to stimulate original artistic connections that nurture his creativity. At a key moment in his musical career, he multiplies the meetings with musicians from different backgrounds, and projects that the public always keep a warm welcome. He had the opportunity to perform with Matthew Donarier Joachim Florent and Gildas Boclé.