Accompanied by Johanni Curtet

CD available at the concert and in trade
Tserendavaa & Tsogtgerel, overtone singing from the Mongolian Altai
1 CD 16 audio tracks + bonus DVD 9 titles in concert at Les Orientales festival in 2006
ed. 2008 Buda Musique, coll. Music from the World, Paris
Production and Tour : Routes Nomades

Incredibly rich in vocal techniques, Mongolian traditional music is orally transmitted from generation to generation by nomadic peoples. This is what Tserendavaa did with his son Tsogtgerel to hand down the art of khöömii, perpetuated in Chandmani district, at the foot of Mount Jargalant Altai in Western Mongolia. Tserendavaa is one of the major current masters of this vocal technique. Accompanying their khöömii, Tserendavaa and Tsogtgerel performs long song urtyn duu, praise song magtaal, whistling isgeree, as well as horse head fiddle morin khuur, fiddle ekel and lute tovshuur and invites us on a journey through the musicality of their region. Johanni Curtet, student of Tserendavaa, accompanies them on overtone singing during the concert.

References :
Les Orientales Festival, Les Escales Festival, Le Rêve de l’Aborigène Festival, Week of Mongolia in Flanders Festival, Museum of Asian Arts of Nice, Palace of Congress and Culture of Le Mans, City of Arts of Chambéry, L’Espal…

Genesis of the project

In 2004, Johanni visited Mongolia for the first time to learn khöömii and begin its ethnomusicological research. His meeting with Tserendavaa, who soon becomes his teacher, was decisive. During the discussion, Tserendavaa expressed his wish that his son Tsogtgerel, back then a teenager, pursuit the stage career. Johanni then decided to create Roads Nomads Association to offer them a space to develop this desire. And this is how in 2006, Tsogtgerel made his first trip out of Mongolia with his father for a summer tour in France. Since that time, Johanni keeps inviting them, and Tsogtgerel realized his father’s dream, becoming a young khöömii virtuoso and soloist overtone singe.