Last album released on Buda Musique label August 28th 2020. A Routes Nomades / Khusugtun coproduction

Artistic advisor: Johanni Curtet
Coordination : Nomindari Shagdarsure

  • Silver Tree Award 2022 – Ministry of Culture of Mongolia
  • Songlines Music Awards 2021, Asie & Pacifique category
  • Top 15 World Music Albums – Spin The Globe (USA)
  • 5th position, September 2020 – Transglobal World Music Charts
  • Sélection album, septembre 2020 – Le Monde
  • Top of the World, with **** – Songlines (UK)
  • Best albums of 2020 – Songlines (UK)
  • Top 25 Favorites of the Year – Global Village (USA)
  • Favis 2020 – Mundofonias (ESP)
  • Mejores álbumes de World Music de 2020 – Cuba Comunica (Cuba)

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Sample tracks:


An Anthology of Mongolian Khöömii

  • Best Album of 2017 for Central and East Asia, Transglobal World Music Chart
  • 2017 fRoots Critics Poll Compilation, Reissues and Historical
  • Best Albums of 2017 – Le Monde
  • Top of the World (4th position & 5 stars) Songlines
  • ffff Télérama
  • “Coup de cœur” Académie Charles Cros
  • Favorites of 2017 Mundofonías
  • Bravo Trad’Mag

Format long-box, 2 CD, 46 p. booklet + supplements online in the website of Routes Nomades
Routes Nomades / Buda Musique (distribution Universal)
With the support of the French Society for Ethnomusicology and the Unit of History and Arts Criticism (EA 1279), University of Rennes 2.

Sound archives of Mongolia, fieldwork recordings, recent self-produced records, number of previously unreleased tracks.
All the aspects of past and present practice of Mongolian khöömi.
A tool for the transmission.

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Also available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Quobuz…

Our first two records were selected, among other recordings to accompany the nomination dossier of the Mongolian Traditional Art of Khöömei for its inscription on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010.

Chants diphoniques de l’Altaï Mongol

Audio CD with 16 titles, booklet of 27 pages
+ DVD bonus 9 titles video at Festival Les Orientales 06

Produced by Routes Nomades, edited by Buda Musique
(collection Music from the World, 3017742)
Released in spring  2008

Artists: Dashdorjin Tserendavaa, Tserendavaagin Tsogtgerel, Johanni Curtet

Booklet of 27 pages

Sample tracks:

Four Shagai Bones, Masters of Mongolian Overtone Singing

Audio CD with 14 titles, booklet of 11 pages
Produced by Pan Records and Routes Nomades
Edited by Pan Records (collection Ethnic Series, PAN 2100)
Released in February 2010 – Creation

Artists: Najidin Sengedorj, Baatarin Odsuren, Dashdorjin Tserendavaa, Nerguigin Ganzorig

Booklet of 11 pages

Sample tracks: