Sardinian musicians: Cuncordu E Tenore de Orosei group
• Massimo Roych (vocals, mouth harp trunfa, flute pipiolu)
• Mario Siotto (bassu vocals)
• Gian Nicola Appeddu (contra vocals)
• Piero Pala (mesuvoche vocals)
• Tonino Carta (vocals)
Mongolian musicians:
• Tsogtgerel Tserendavaa (vocals, khöömii, flute tsuur and horse head fiddle morin khuur)
• Ganzorig Nergui (vocals, khöömii, lute tovshuur and horse head fiddle morin khuur)

At the heart of a sacred nature, beauty of Sardinian mountains meets up with broadness of Mongolian landscape through polyphony and overtone singing.

The choir Cuncordu e Tenore de Orosei has found a prominent place in the Sardinian musical landscape over the years, as it excels in both sacred (especially in the songs of the brotherhood of Santa Croce, broadly performed during the holy week) and profane repertories.

If Tsogtgerel knew assimilating the khöömii tradition of the Altai steppes to the academic model of Ulaanbaatar through a very powerful overtone singing with a large harmonic register, self-taught Ganzorig perfectly combines the Tuvinian and Mongolian styles. Besides khöömii, Tsogtgerel and Ganzorig both perform praise song magtaal and throat singing shakhmal khooloi in overtone singing.

Particularly vocal, this meeting is found at the crossroads of vocal timbres used by both of the Sardinian and Mongolian traditions: counterpoint and bass of the Sardinian harmony; and many techniques of Mongolian throat and overtone singing, in which a single vocalist produces multiple sounds simultaneously with his voice, where found a fundamental tone drone, harmonic melodies and the resonances.
The instrumental accompaniment is from nomadism and pastoralism: flutes, mouth harps, fiddles, lutes … all evoking nature and stories of the people who live there.

Concert created in summer 2013 for the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music and the Les Orientales Festival in St-Florent-le-Vieil

Production : Marsab Music Management / Routes Nomades

Created following a proposal by Alain Weber

Text : Johanni Curtet

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, Les Orientales Festival, Les Détours de Babel Festival, Ravenna Festival, Førde Folk Music Festival, Crossroads Festival…

Press clippings

Journey to the heart of the Sardinian mountains and the steppes of Mongolia.
— Le

Forming atypical sounds, the songs of Sardinia and Mongolia meet. Here, it is not surprising to hear Mongolians sing in canon with Italians. In a few vibrations, we are plunged in the heart of the Mongolian steppes under the Italian sweet sun.
Huffington Post